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5 Reasons to Move to a 55+ Active Adult Retirement Community

More Boomers and seniors than ever before are choosing 55+ communities. Here are 5 reasons YOU might want to consider moving to one too!

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If You Live in a Retirement Community, You Probably Hear These 11 Phrases a Lot

Whether it’s friendly banter amongst residents or humorous observations made during group activities, these phrases never fail to bring a smile to one’s face. Here are the 11 I hear most often

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Is Landscaping Included in the Price of Your 55+ Community? Here’s Everything I Wish I Knew

One of the many lures of moving to any retirement community is that you don’t have to cut your grass or clip your shrubs anymore. But, how true is it?


20 Simple & Effective Ways to Make a Positive Impact in Your Active Adult Community by Helping Your Neighbors

We need each others’ help and are glad to offer it! I see examples all over my community of neighbors helping neighbors. There are things you can do too.

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7 Reasons On-Site Entertainment is a Game-Changer When Choosing an Active Adult Community

On-site entertainment is often an afterthought since it’s not usually part of your initial tour of a retirement community. Well, I’m here to tell you that it shouldn’t be! Here are 7 reasons on-site entertainment is a game-changer when choosing your new home!

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Independent Living & 5 More Popular Senior Housing Choices

Here are the most popular types of senior housing and how to choose the right one for you!

11 Best Cities In Florida For Retirement

Florida has been a long-time favorite retirement spot! Here’s why!

Negatives of Active Adult Communities

There are plenty of advantages to retiring in active adult communities. But, what are the negatives?

Are Del Webb Community Signs True?

Marketing signs exist to create appeal and spark the imagination. But do the Del Webb Community signs portray an accurate picture of life in an active adult community?

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10 Advantages of Retiring in an Active Adult Community

Here are 10 advantages of retiring in an active adult community, written by someone who actually lives in one!

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